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The Wright Law Firm is wonderful! I was extremely pleased with the work Mr. Wright did for me on my car accident! Michelle is also very amazing! She is always so nice and friendly and always kept me very well updated! I would highly recommend this firm to anyone! And I will come back if I am ever in need of another lawyer! Thank you so very much, you guys are amazing!

- S. Marty

I felt very positive about what might have been a negative experience involving my bodily injury case. I was especially pleased with the personal support; [Mr. Wright and his staff] always let me know what was coming next, which relieved some of the stress.

- R. Keeler

Mr. Wright's calm demeanor, along with his fine team of professionals, helped to make what could have been a very traumatic experience painless!

- G. Waterman, Ph.D.

There was a feeling that I didn't have a case at one time. Thanks to The Wright Law Firm's diligent "PUSH," I was awarded a very substantial settlement. It was fantastic to have you and your legal team in my corner and I have since been able to put my life in order. Hiring your firm was the best thing I've ever done for myself! Great job!!

- S. Meyers

When my case went to binding arbitration, I was nervous. After the cross-examination of the defense medical doctors, the defense was nervous. This was the turning point in my case which had a very favorable result.

- D. Lew

I most appreciated the professionalism shown from The Wright Law Firm. I was constantly informed where we were in the process and all my questions were thoroughly and quickly answered. The staff was wonderful always. I will recommend The Wright Law Firm to anyone who needs legal assistance.

- M. Buttwieler

I wish to express my sincere thanks to you and your staff for yor handling of my auto collision case. I am very pleased with the settlement you secured for me in a timely manner, and with the minimum of disruption to my recovery. I wish you continued success!

- R. Wosewick

I felt very welcome from day one. The team was wonderful and professional. I never once felt uncomfortable and anytime I was confused about anything that had to do with the case, they always explained it to me in ways I could understand. My case was settled in great time and I feel that The Wright Law Firm was the best . . . is the best in what they do. They are Wonderful!!

- D. Mendiola

Tim was very knowledgeable and up front with me from the beginning. He advised me what to do and what to expect. He fought for me through the process and came in with a settlement I was happy with. I will definitely refer Tim to my friends and neighbors.

When an auto accident occurs there will be a headache follow after. The insurance company lawyers are always ready to battle with any claimer to settle less than what it cost. The best medicine for this kind of headache is a good attorney to deal with the insurance companies. On the other hand, hiring a bad attorney could be the worst of it all. The headaches would multiply as ten times and the end would be worthless. Tim Wright is good, sharp, and highly skilled attorney. He would listened to my request and fulfilled it with in a manner of time. He kept me up date with the case progress well. His service is very professional that I would recommend to any one.



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Jury Verdict Validates at $500,000 plus

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