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Client Reviews

Kelly W.
14:56 20 May 23
Tim & Ashley we’re great and answered all the questions I had throughout our entire case which was over 18 months long. I had never used a lawyer before and they made it an easy experience!
Susie M.
00:10 10 Mar 23
I had gotten into a 4 car Accident, I was taken from the sene to the hospital and didn’t realize that I had been in a 4 car accident until after the fact. My Sister in-law had told me about the Wright Law firm and how much they had helped her and her accident. I went ahead and gave them a call and probably the best thing I could have done. I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t have any information other than it was a 4 car pile up. I was scared. When I called they ALL were so sweet and nice. They eased my mind and handled everything, including doctor referrals. They were amazing and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that had an incident and don’t know where to start. They will take good care of you from start to finish.
Liz H.
19:31 13 Dec 22
My experience with the Wright Law Firm made me feel confident, made me feel like I didn't have to worry about anything, and that I could trust Tim Wright and his staff.
Sherri S.
20:01 09 Aug 22
They settled my case fast and I was very happy with the amount. Every one in the office is very professionnel and so very nice. It was a really nice experience working with The Wiight Law Firm. I would definitely use them again!
Kelley G.
21:58 19 Mar 22
I had a great experience with The Wright Law Firm. Honestly, the whole staff is great. Tim is very engaged with his clients, as well as great at communicating. They kept me informed of all developments through the process. They're very kind and caring, thorough, and also very fair. I would absolutely ask for their representation again. I will be referring my friends and family to The Wright Law firm as well. I now know from experience the difference between an attorney who wants your money and runs. And one that treated me kindly and considering the situation was very gracious. I've had bad representation in the past. And Mr. Tim Wright and his staff showed me what good representation looks like. I'm sincerely grateful for it. Thanks again, Wright Law Firm... You're a cut above ✂️
S S.
23:35 08 Dec 21
I highly recommend The Wright Law Firm for any personal and or accident injuries. Staff is very professional. Going through an accident and injury, is overwhelming itself, and Tim and his staff has help with lessening the stress if dealing with legal issues. Tim and Staff is also demonstrates great communication. If you are Looking for a great attorney that will help u get through your legal accident with empathy, compassion, patience and understanding, The Wright Law Firm is the right kne for you! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
erin C.
23:34 12 Nov 21
My daughter was in a major car accident last year. She was side swiped by a big rig on the freeway. Her car spun and she was hit by another car. As bad as her car was totaled, she walked away with only some bruises and whip lash (thank god). A few friends had used the Wright Law Firm in the past so I reached out to Christine. From the moment I spoke to her I knew she would be the right attorney to assist us. Her team was so great. They answered all of our questions and made the process so much easier. Christine, Tim and Ashley were all wonderful. They were compassionate and always available for questions and listened to our concerns. I would definitely recommend using The Wright Law Firm if you are ever involved in a car accident.
Tahra T.
16:04 17 Sep 21
The people here are very helpful. They are kind understanding and very attentive. You really feel like they care. They call back quickly and never leave you wondering are they just in it for the money.
Cathy C.
19:39 27 Aug 21
The were fast easy and follow through on everything I recommend the Wright Law Firm to everyone
andre t
19:54 23 Apr 21
The Wright Law Firm was amazing to work with. Tim was an amazing advocate and helped me close my case with ease and professionalism. They took care of everything from medical bills to walking me through each step of the process. The amount of my settlement was more than expected. Highly recommend the Wright Law Firm!
Jackie H.
23:57 25 Feb 21
I had a very positive experience utilizing Tim Wright's law firm to settle my car accident case. They were professional, thorough and quick to respond to questions and concerns. I was also extremely pleased with the settlement amount, it was more than I anticipated.
Cristina K.
20:39 06 Jan 21
Tim Wright and his team were helpful, courteous, and fought for my rights. They were there to walk me through the process and promptly answered any question. Thank you!!
Chris L.
23:43 12 Apr 20
I engaged The Wright Law firm in the aftermath of a devastating multi car accident at the recommendation of a health care professional. Tim Wright not only provided referrals to other excellent professionals, but also laid out a strategy for negotiating among numerous insurance companies. All through a lengthy process he and his staff were attentive, forward thinking, encouraging, and thoroughly professional. They under promised and over delivered and were a pleasure to work with. I recommend Tim and his fine team without reservation.
John D.
19:36 09 Dec 19
When I first met Mr. Tim Wright I was impressed when He explained that He had also worked representing insurance Companies previously so He knows how both sides of a case operate , which I felt was a big advantage and it turned out to be true. I never felt like I was being a pain when I would call with a question or concern. My calls to Tim were always returned promptly if not immediately. His staff is courteous and professional .I would say ' You can't go wrong if you go with Wright' if I was making their commercial.
Nikkii B.
17:19 01 Nov 19
The Wright Law Firm has taken care of my legal needs for more than 13 years. Tim and his team have always been quick to resolve any of our needs and issues. Our family has had taken advice from Tim and and his firm on doctors and chiropractic care. We are very pleased with our most recent outcome.
G A.
18:22 15 Oct 19
Tim Wright was referred to by a friend and I have to say I was very satisfied with the experience and the results. His staff along with Tim were very helpful in keeping me informed every step of the way. I received the medical treatment I needed along with the fair compensation from an accident I was involved in. Thanks Tim and Ashley!
Brenda G.
17:20 27 Aug 19
I was referred to The Wright Law Firm through a co-worker/friend who gave great reviews and told me to come to see them. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the Tim and his staff. I really felt that I could pass off a lot of the responsibility of dealing with the insurance companies to the team at The Wright Law Firm; they handled everything so I didn't have to.
Ellen K.
20:23 22 Aug 19
Tim Wright was so incredible! I was in a car accident and had to receive treatments for injuries sustained. Tim took care of everything for me while I was getting better, and I didn't have to worry about a thing. Communication with his office was so great. They quickly resolved all my concerns and Tim took time to personally call me and update me on the case whenever I had questions. I can't imagine doing this without him and his team. Everyone in the office is super friendly. I'm really glad I chose Tim Wright to represent me in my case! He really worked on my behalf and my settlement ended up being more than I expected. I highly recommend Tim to anyone who needs legal help!
Lids M
20:48 01 Aug 19
Great service! Very professional! I was rear ended couple years ago and was referred to Mr Wright. The final settlement was 3X more than planned and I am very happy and satisfied with the experience!
Lori T.
23:08 30 Jul 19
I provided them the information and they did all the 'HARD" work!
K A.
20:47 25 Jun 19
The law firm is the best and are very trustworthy. I totally recommend Mr. Wright and his staff for an outstanding service.
18:54 20 Jun 19
I got in a car accident recently and I started seeing a chiropractor, she recommended to me Tim Wright. I visited the office, very clean and professional. The staff were all very friendly, I only had to go to the office once and then Tim Took care of everything. A few months later I arrived to pick up a settlement check, everything was made easy and simple 10/10 would recommend!
Gina M.
21:56 01 Feb 19
As a first time client of the Wright Law Firm, I can't recommend them enough. Mr. Wright was incredibly easy to work with; when we first met, my husband and I knew he would do his best in regards to my case. He was very thorough with our initial meeting and we felt a very high level of trust. The staff is very friendly, professional and there for you with any questions. Towards the completion of the case, I again was pleasantly surprised with the professional and courteous treatment. I highly recommend the Wright Law Firm.
One L.
19:18 20 Dec 18
My name is Patrick and this is my experience with the Wright Law Firm.I was rear ended while stopped at a red light. After the initial shock I noticed my body was stiffening up and knew I needed help. I choose to immediately visit a chiropractor close to my residence for evaluation. After being seen I knew these type of injuries can at times show up a few days or even a few months later. I was referred to The Wright Law Firm and was told that they can help me along my rehabilitation process and that they would be able to help me get in with the right professionals to aid me and help me rehab from my injuries.I called The Wright Law Firm and was immediately scheduled for an appointment. The office was friendly and gathered my information efficiently and coordinated with my health professionals. The communication was clear and consistent. They were responsive in answering my questions. I met directly with Mr. Wright and he explained the process to me as I was not familiar with how these things go. After seeing the specialists, I am now able to be productive without pain. Mr. Wright contacted me with updates throughout the process more than I expected and this allowed me to focus on my life and recovery without worry about the legal matters.I would highly recommend The Wright Law Firm. They are the RIGHT lawyers to contact. I never felt like I was just another file. Their service was more personal and the outcome was phenomenal! I will not hesitate to send others their way! If you ever want to hear my story personally, contact Mr. Wright and I will be more than happy to share my experience with you personally.Patrick S.
Grant W.
18:00 15 Nov 18
My experience with the Wright Law Firm was absolutely fantastic from beginning to end. They handled all of my appointments and made the whole process simple. I never had to worry about anything. Mr. Wright, Jenae, and Ashley all were wonderful to deal with and connected me with wonderful treatment centers that eventually led to my recovery. For all of that, thank you to you all!
lillian B.
04:28 21 Oct 18
Mr Wright and his team really care about you. He is a very experienced lawyer. I have used him on two separate occasions. One for my car accident and another for my child's dog bite which he set up an interest fund for him and he just turned 18 and received the money. I highly recommend him he is the best I have seen. I feel safe and rest assured when him and his team are backing me in my legal situations that I could not have handled without him.
Jessica P.
17:09 21 Sep 18
I was in a pretty bad car accident a few years ago and I found this attorney. Mr Wright was professional, kind and extremely helpful. He was very useful in guiding me through the process, and keeping me int he loop with my case. He negotiated my costs down, and helped me get the maximum amount. I would highly reccomend him to anyone.
Wendy S.
19:53 27 Jul 18
Tim is a fantastic attorney! On two occasions he has helped me resolve lawsuits involving my car being hit from behind. In both cases he was knowledgable and empathetic. He did his due-diligence in obtaining a fair resolution for me, both medically and financially. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with his or her auto accidents/injuries.
Cindy C.
18:47 20 Jun 18
I'm very pleased with the work Mr. Wright and his team had done for me. I've been in two car accidents within five years and the Wright Law Firm represented me in both cases. They are very professional and got me the settlements I deserve.
Melanie G.
19:43 15 May 18
At first my husband and I did not know where to turn. Then a friend told me that Mr. Wright and his firm did a great job for him. I thank the Lord for leading me to such a positive person and experience. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case with the Timothy Wright Law firm. My case was complicated and he walked me through it step be step. He kept me informed about what was going on with my case. The defense tried everything prevent the company from paying. But he went the extra step in getting my case resolved and the settlement exceeded my expectations. I would recommend his Law Firm to anyone. They get the job done! I feel truly Blessed!
Aleksandr C.
17:28 03 Apr 18
I was involved in a car accident in May of 2016, Tim was recommended to me by a friend and I am glad I trusted him to lead me in that direction. The way they communicate it awesome, they give you updates on things as soon as they know and even with my busy schedule and terrible response time I was always up to date on what was happening with the case. I appreciate all the work and all the help he has done, definitely recommend them to whoever sustained an injury during an accident. They represent you the way you would want to be represented.
Philip Martin J.
01:12 01 Mar 18
My experience with the Wright Law Firm was great. The staff is friendly and easy to deal with. Mr .Wright explains everything to you in plain terms and is a straight shooter with the pro's and cons of a case. He answered all of my questions completely.
joel S.
15:43 06 Jan 18
The Wright Law Firm and the entire team guided my family and I through a process we've never been through with professionalism, knowledge and best overall, with care. After we got into an accident we contacted them and Tim Wright sat down with us and went over clear expectations and multille scenarios of possible outcomes of our case. Obviously I won't go in detail but we were very happy with the end result. I highly recommend Tim Wright and his team.
Karen B.
18:27 10 Aug 17
I put myself in Tim's very capable hands because I knew him a little. I let him do his thing. Now, knowing him personally would never be a deciding factor. Tim Wright is awesome at representing personal injury cases. He got a settlement way over and above any of my expectations and fought for me to the very end to make it even better. Thank you Timothy Wright!
Justin C.
22:19 28 Jun 17
The Wright Law Firm is a very professional group of people. They went above and beyond in working with me to achieve the best possible outcome for my case. In my experience I found that Tim is a diligent and creative attorney as well as being easy to talk to. Thank you!
Michelle P.
18:00 28 Jun 17
We came to the Wright Law Firm with a difficult case. Mr. Wright and his firm were very persistent and demonstrated amazing professional skill and integrity. He was very clear, honest and explained the status and possible outcomes both negative and positive. We had some challenging and unusual issues in our case and they were handled amazingly well. We are very happy with the outcome and the settlement exceeded our expectations!
Rudy M.
16:41 20 Jun 17
Painless experience throughout. Tim and his staff kept me updated every step of the way, and my result was more than satisfying! I'd recommend them to anybody looking for above average, trustworthy representation.
Michelle W
23:34 02 Dec 15
My parents, husband and I were hit head on while we were stopped at a traffic light...that's a night we will never forget, and even worse, was the fact that the driver that caused the accident, was uninsured. We're not "lawsuit happy" people, and more than anything, just wanted to make sure that we were all protected and healthy. We were trying to heal, and didn't want the added stress of dealing with adjusters and insurance companies. At that point, we were just thankful that we were all alive and walked away from the accident, and with only moderate injuries. We met with Tim at The Wright Law Firm. He made us feel comfortable, and at ease, and we knew he was the right attorney for us. Throughout the entire process, he kept us apprised, returned every call and email, and his staff was knowledgeable and great to work with.Tim is a fantastic attorney, and made us feel valued, and protected. He really knows what he's doing. We felt entirely confident in his ability, and in the end, the result of our settlement was even better than anticipated. I highly, and enthusiastically recommend The Wright Law Firm!
Curtis B.
00:06 30 Oct 15
The Wright Law firm exceeded my expectations.Tim was refurred to me by a friend. I would defiantly recommend them as well.
Richard D.
03:23 06 Dec 12
Mr Wright and his team were fantastic. They were very professional and courteous throughout the whole process. I would definitely refer my friends and family to them. A very big thank you to Tim and Michelle.